Dynamic Sport: This Way For Busy Employees Want to Work

Sunday, February 17, 2013

This Way For Busy Employees Want to Work

Too busy myself with a career and a job is not only stressful, but also make the body so weak due to less exercise. Sitting in an office all day and staring at a computer, how can the body be fit if not accompanied by exercise?

"Because exercise is a healthy lifestyle and is a skill, then every employee should first learn about a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eating, energy management, and adapts to each condition.'s What I shared at each seminar in the company employees who want peak performance, increase productivity and reduce healthcare costs, "said Dr. Phaidon L Toruan, doctors and trainers to detikHealth healthy life as written on Wednesday.

Understanding healthy lifestyle is the basic of physical fitness and mind. When it can be implemented properly, would the employees themselves will have awareness of the importance of maintaining health by managing nutrition and exercise regularly.

For people who are a lot of activity in the office, the doctor who can be contacted at this www.DokterPhaidon.com recommends doing a lot of aerobic activity, stretching and weight training. Aerobic activity such as running, bike, swim. Weight training can do push-ups and squats or going to the gym for the body to process.

"The time is 3-4 times a week and each session theory 30 minutes. But for most people, it is annoying and lazy. Then try 15 minutes exercise. With 15 minutes people always have time and when the fun can continue. Whenever I was lazy or chased time for other activities, yet 15 minutes was not bad, "said a doctor who wrote a book called 'Fit for Success' is.

However, it is not easy to make employees want to do sports. Many have argued tired busy with activities in the office. To overcome this problem, Dr. Phaidon asserted that the employee must be converted first mindsetnya, can be assisted by a physician who specializes change the mindset so that employees feel a benefit for himself.

"For example, for male employees, rather than saying its benefits for heart health, better said to increase sexual fitness. Said to be beneficial for female employees for body building program. Combining a good mindset and knowledge, the target 3-4 times a week will be run by voluntary , "said Dr. Phaidon.

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