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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Extend Exercise Active Age

  This is why exercise is good for health. According to a study conducted by Harvard University, exercise for 150 minutes a week can extend life by 3.4 years.

Research conducted by the National Cancer Study Center, Harvard Medical School and other organizations have done Cohort study analysis with 6 different perspectives to 632 thousand respondents aged 40 years and over.

The research center conducts the review period every 10 years against the respondents. Randomly obtained results, that 82 thousand respondents reported to have died, with a variety of causes. One of them degenaratif diseases or non-communicable diseases. While some respondents note, do sports during his lifetime.

The intensity of regular exercise, a moderate increase is closely related to life expectancy. Even as someone who does not have a practice that body mass index is far below normal.

Doctors I Mmin Lee, Professor of Harvard Medical School and a Senior Researcher in the study states, a person who does not work but has a healthy weight, life expectancy can be reduced by 3.1 years. "Compared with people who are obese, but are actively exercising for 150 minutes per week and lose weight, have a life expectancy of an additional 7.2 years," Lee told a news site CNN Tuesday.

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