Dynamic Sport: 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Universal Health Insurance System

According to WHO, there are 3 universal health insurance system that applied various countries. 3 system is Single payer in the Indonesian language is the sole duty where only one source that takes money. This system means the government will pay for all health care for all citizens of the country (citizens registered) with the exception of copay (copayment) and Co-insurance. Copay is a system where payment is defined in the policy and pemengang policyholder must pay each time using medical services whilst the Co-insurance is term insurance pembayarananya by several parties. Two-tier is a system whereby the government insurance menyedihakan little value to all its citizens coupled with additional services. Examples of the use of these systems is Singapore. In this country, its citizens receive health insurance and plus accounts that they can use to pay for routine maintenance. Insurance Mandate is a system where people are required to buy health insurance. This is insurance that want to implement the Obama administration. With every citizen is required to purchase this insurance, expenses will decrease as people who already have insurance will receive preventive care and primary physician examined together. With the existence of the investigation, the cost of the emergency room and surgery can be minimized.